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Fire Wire (not just for techies, anymore!)

I started following Rantings of an Amateur Chef‘s blog a couple of months ago, attracted to his recipes for things that it looked like I could actually, potentially cook, myself. He also occasionally gets items in the mail to review, and … Continue reading

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Bacon/Scrambled Egg/Pancake Cupcakes!

Oh wow, it’s been a bit longer than intended since our last post. Sorry about that. We’ve had many food adventures, budgeting learning experiences and lots of mind-blowing baby developments. I’ll try to fill those in the best I can, … Continue reading

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Stir Fry!

The family was hungry as soon as they picked me up from the bus stop last night, so I wanted to get some dinner going that would come together somewhat quickly. I was inspired all day by one of our … Continue reading

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The Handiest Apple Gadget Around

In our house, we love apples. We love dehydrated apples, applesauce, just plain apples (and I love ’em with peanut butter, as a mid-afternoon snack). But the biggest pain about apples is the peeling and slicing, especially when you’re working … Continue reading

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Still Kickin’ the Sick Orange Smoothie

It’s more than a little bit sucky how long it takes to get mold out of your respiratory system. ‘Round these parts I’ve been fighting junk in my lungs, a plugged up head and sore throat for about a week, … Continue reading

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Moving On Up — A St. Patrick’s Day Moving Adventure

We moved into our new place this weekend! While I’m bummed that we no longer have the super adorable red countertops in the kitchen, I’m not terribly heartbroken to be given up the mold issue we discovered a bit over … Continue reading

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St. Patrick’s Preparation Green Smoothie

Look at the color of that smoothie! I mean really look at it. Do you know how it got to be that color? It wasn’t food coloring, and it sure isn’t from no kiwis or grapes. That beautiful shade of creamy green … Continue reading

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