Fire Wire (not just for techies, anymore!)

Fire Wires on the barbie

I started following Rantings of an Amateur Chef‘s blog a couple of months ago, attracted to his recipes for things that it looked like I could actually, potentially cook, myself. He also occasionally gets items in the mail to review, and so, we discovered the Fire Wire.

I went to the Fire Wire website, hoping to find them for sale locally, and to my pleasure, found that Garden Gate in Arcata is a vendor. Yay local! Gabe and I went in to get a couple of packs (they come two-to-a-pack) and they were out of stock, but ordered them that week, and happened to have gotten them in before we wandered back in there this week. Bigger YAY for local businesses that understand the value of their customers.

Fire Wires are made of thick wire with a loop and metal tag with a hole at one end, and a somewhat thicker piece of metal at the other end.

Not owning normal metal skewers, I’ve read that Fire Wires hold approximately double the amount of goodies that usual skewers do.

How’s it work? Cut up your meat and veggies as per usual, and string them onto the Fire Wire over the metal end. The metal end isn’t sharp, but it popped nicely through the marinated chicken, onions, Brussels sprouts and bell peppers that we had on-hand. Then run the metal end through the hole in the metal tag, which makes it into a loop. Throw on the barbecue for the prescribed amount of time.

Verdict: Love it! Prep time was minimal and easy. We marinated chicken breasts in lemon juice and herbs (the science behind citric acid “cooking” meat completely blows my mind, but I only left the meat in the juice/herbs mixture for maybe 20 minutes, and already, it was starting to cook). After about 20 minutes on the barbecue, the meat was still juicy (and deliciously lemony) and the veggies were all cooked but not overly cooked… still crispy and delicious.

We cooked up some rice with chicken bullion and I unstrung my barbecued veggies over it. The girls had fun eating their meat and veggies right off the Wire.

Veggies and rice

We quite look forward to using our Fire Wires throughout the season. Beef, tofu and more chicken (maybe laced with strips of bacon?) are definitely on the menu for the Topping-Pressure House. These should provide for a pretty easy dinner option after the baby comes, and they’re as healthy as you want to make them.


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I'm Monica Topping: Mom, artist (Rock Chick Designs), event promoter (North Coast Open Studios), '09 HSU journalism grad, photographer, writer...etc.
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3 Responses to Fire Wire (not just for techies, anymore!)

  1. Peter says:

    Did you use tofu and BBQ in the same thought process?

  2. griffinsgrub says:

    Looks great. Love FireWires. They allow you to take advantage of all the grill space on a round grill. You’ve reminded me that I haven’t used mine in awhile. Time to break them out this weekend.

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