Moving On Up — A St. Patrick’s Day Moving Adventure

The Pressure Crew loves Irish car bombs. Yum!

We moved into our new place this weekend! While I’m bummed that we no longer have the super adorable red countertops in the kitchen, I’m not terribly heartbroken to be given up the mold issue we discovered a bit over a month ago in our old place. Boy, did that explain our regular respiratory illnesses.

Moving day was St. Patrick’s Day, which we didn’t initially think about when we set the date… we were aiming for mid-month, on a weekend not otherwise jam-packed with other events (oops), so we could get out of Moldy House and into House With Huge Yard (and dishwasher! And garbage disposal!). The plan mostly worked. But most importantly, when we did discover the St. Patrick’s Day correlation, we realized that pizza and beer for the movers wasn’t going to cut it. Irish car bombs (Guinness, Jameson Irish whiskey, and Bailey’s Irish Cream) and corned beef and cabbage? That’s more like it.

Enter: The Crock Pot! Mmmm… mama’s little kitchen fairy. Friday night, Gabe and I loaded all of the kitchen boxes into the back of the station wagon. Saturday, our moving volunteers showed up at the old place, where Gabe organized the inside of the house to go into the U-Haul truck. My friend Jesseca and I went to the new place and set upon unpacking boxes and organizing.

Jess says Yay! to moving day. We say Yay! to all of her hard work.

She’s a life-saver, that Jess, willing to stand on a chair and make helpful organizing suggestions, while the pregnant lady kept two feet on the ground and moved things around.

After the mover’s showed up and set boxes down in their respective rooms, I through together a batch of trail mix (high energy snack!) and a pitcher of peach black iced tea, to keep them busy until the crock pot had finished their dinner.

As far as ingredients, we had nearly everything in the house, save for the corned beef brisket, which was really cheap at Costco ( hear Winco also had them cheap), and came with its own spice packet. I loaded it all into the Crock Pot just before 10am and set it to cook on high for 6 hours (because I didn’t have time to cook on low for 10 hours). Here’s the recipe I used, from

Verdict: Easy enough a monkey did it! And it got rave reviews from all of our helpers (and Gabe and I, too). Delicious. I think my Crock Pot is my favorite appliance, with the lovely and handy Magic Bullet coming in a close second, only because the first cooks dinner while I’m at work all day. 🙂


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I'm Monica Topping: Mom, artist (Rock Chick Designs), event promoter (North Coast Open Studios), '09 HSU journalism grad, photographer, writer...etc.
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