Nutty Monday Morning Smoothie


I can’t believe how orange this smoothie turned out!

-Half of a green apple with peel (that’s where the nutrients are!)
-Half of a kiwi (out of season, grown elsewhere, so I peeled it)
-Frozen pureed mango
-Peanut butter (protein)
-Splash of soy milk
-Carrot juice
-Bit of cinnamon
-Drop of vanilla extract

A) This smoothie is incredibly orange… lots of vitamin C!
B) It has a very nutty taste… the peanut butter kind of took over, but I’m alright with that.
C) The texture is interesting… thick, with bits of the green apple peel.
D) I’d do it again, but maybe do less peanut butter, or switch the carrot juice for pomegranate juice. Oooohhhh…


About rokchike

I'm Monica Topping: Mom, artist (Rock Chick Designs), event promoter (North Coast Open Studios), '09 HSU journalism grad, photographer, writer...etc.
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