Homemade Mini Pot Pies!

Today, I received my weekly Betty Crocker e-mail newsletter, and my eye was caught immediately by these mini pot pies.

Created on the stove and in a mixing bowl, then poured/spooned into greased muffin tins, supposedly these tiny dinner treats will come out in one solid lump… I didn’t have such luck.

What I like about the recipe: Super easy to make. Includes Bisquick and other staple ingredients we try to keep in the house. Any veggie filling choice can be substituted (as could, I imagine, beef broth and beef, which we’ll get around to trying) and quantities adjusted to taste. Also, super tasty, as attested to by everyone in the house (including Peanut, who became very active, right after I finished eating).

What could have been better: Not one of the “pies” came out of the tin in one piece. Granted, the recipe called for spraying the muffin tin with Pam, and instead, we buttered it, but that should have had the same effect (we prefer real ingredients to aerosol cooking products, any day of the week).

The verdict: We’ll try it again (and perhaps again and again). The finished product tasted great, even if it wasn’t beautiful. We substituted frozen broccoli and corn, and fresh carrots, for the peas ‘n’ carrots mix the recipe calls for. I meant to add red bell peppers, too… next time. The recipe fed the two girls and the two adults (one of which is eating like a horse, these days) satisfactorily. We also served tomato soup on the side, which worked well and rounded out the meal.

Next project: Figure out how to make my own homemade Bisquick-type mix. All the recipes I’ve found call for shortening, which I’ll substitute butter into, but this means they’re all perishable (yay freezer!). Have a recipe you like? Easy enough for a monkey to handle? Please share in the comments!

**Soundtrack: Melody Walker‘s brand new album, “Gold Rush Goddess”**


About rokchike

I'm Monica Topping: Mom, artist (Rock Chick Designs), event promoter (North Coast Open Studios), '09 HSU journalism grad, photographer, writer...etc.
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4 Responses to Homemade Mini Pot Pies!

  1. Violet Dinning says:

    Love reading your rants/reviews on life. Only makes me wish I was hanging out in the kitchen with you. Loves.

  2. Dawne Davis says:

    Monica….(sometimes they have these at Costco, but I bet Bed Bath & Beyond will have), they have these non-aerosol “cans” (not cans at all) that you can pour olive oil in (or whatever your preferred oil…but I like olive oil and the good stuff – like $10 a bottle good stuff). Then you pump the top and remove it, and spray into your pans….you get the “spray” effect but it’s of what you chose…and no other ingredients allowed. That might help your food projects! I give it a 9 on a scale of 10!

    • rokchike says:

      Thanks Dawne! I think I had one of those ages ago and it ended up being really leaky, so it eventually got tossed. I’ll put it on my list again. 🙂

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