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The first time I made applesauce, I tried it for two reasons: We bought so much darned fruit at Costco that I didn’t know what to do with it all, and A friend had suggested applesauce (or any fruit sauce) … Continue reading

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Mango Monday

This morning’s smoothie: Mango (cubes!), strawberry (also cubes!), almond butter, spinach and cinnamon with apple juice. This is going to be an awesome day.

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Chicken Noodle/Rice soup

It was a soup night. No, it was a chicken noodle soup night. With chicken broth, rice, carrots, celery, little onions, garlic, chicken (obviously), and seasoned with salt, pepper and a bit of cayenne. Sinuses: Clear! Tummy: Full! Peanut: Doing … Continue reading

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Puree It!

This is what you get when your grocery list says “fresh fruit.” You just never know what’s there, so how can you be more specific? So we ended up with way more fruit than I knew what to do with… … Continue reading

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Breakfast Smoothies!

We *love* our Magic Bullet. Yes, As Seen On TV, the one and same. I got it at Target, though I’ve heard Costco and Bed Bath and Beyond have them as well. (Has anyone seen them at Hensel’s new kitchen … Continue reading

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Credit Report Spring Cleaning

How many times have we all heard that you can look at your credit report (not look at your credit score, sadly) for free, once a year? How many of us actually do this? Certainly not me. No way. To … Continue reading

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What Is This Topping-Pressure House?

And why should you care?¬†Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are Gabe Pressure and Monica Topping. We’re in our early 30s and we live in Eureka, Calif. Gabe’s got two daughters, who’ll be 9 and 10 next month (oh my!). … Continue reading

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